out to sea

Out to Sea is a 1997 romantic comedy film starring Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon, Rue McClanahan, Dyan Cannon & Brent Spiner. The film was directed by Martha Coolidge. The screenplay was written by Robert Nelson Jacobs. The original music score was composed by Michael Muhlfriedel and David Newman.Compulsive gambler Charlie Gordon (Matthau), hiding out from his various bookies and loan-sharks, cons his brother-in-law Herb Sullivan (Lemmon) into an all expenses-paid luxury cruise in search of rich, lonely ladies to fleece. The catch, which Charlie does not reveal to Herb until the ship has left port, is that they are required to be dance hosts and must sleep in a cramped cabin in the bowels of the ship.

Ruled over by tyrannical, control-freak Cruise Director Gil Godwin (“a song and dance man raised on a military base”) (Spiner), they do their best, despite Charlie’s not actually being able to dance. They each meet a lady of interest. One is the luscious heiress Liz LaBreche (Cannon), whose wealth attracts Charlie every bit as much as the rest of her does. The other is lovely widow Vivian (Gloria DeHaven), who is under the impression that Herb is a doctor, not a dancer.

By the time Charlie literally drags ship owner Mrs. Carruthers (McClanahan) across the dance floor, the boys aren’t sure if they will find true love or need to abandon ship. Source: Various